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Christopher McQuarrie's abandoned Green Lantern pitch would've tied to Superman sequel

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Jul 5, 2019, 12:32 PM EDT

Writer/director Christopher McQuarrie is shedding a little light on his rejected DC Comics film proposals, and it turns out he was after more than a Green Lantern movie. 

McQuarrie, who's presently at work with Tom Cruise on back-to-back installments in the Mission: Impossible franchise, spent Friday morning fielding questions from fans on his Twitter account. Back in 2018, McQuarrie revealed he'd spent some time over at Warner Bros. Pictures discussing a possible Green Lantern flick, but that it never really got off the ground. When someone asked about the Green Lantern movie that never was, McQuarrie revealed it wasn't just a Green Lantern proposal, but an idea that would tie into a new Superman movie starring McQuarrie's Mission: Impossible - Fallout collaborator, Henry Cavill. 

McQuarrie did not elaborate on story details for whatever this proposal might have been, but did go on to say that Green Lantern was a "written proposal," while whatever Superman idea he and Cavill had was "a pitch." As to the timeline, he placed it sometime shortly before Fallout arrived last summer, which means these discussions happened fairly recently in terms of the DC Extended Universe's ongoing evolution. 

In the nearly two years since Justice League was released, itself a product of significant story changes in the wake of director Zack Snyder's departure from the project, the DCEU has undergone something of a remodel. Its Batman, Ben Affleck, has departed the franchise in favor of a younger star, Robert Pattinson, while Cavill has also moved on to other projects like Netflix's upcoming The Witcher, though he's never officially said he's done with Superman. Meanwhile, Aquaman is a hit, Wonder Woman 84 is on the way, and the studio is focusing on other upcoming films like Birds of Prey and that long-gestating Flash movie. 

Lost in the mix of all of this is any major movement on a Green Lantern film, though reports of its development have persisted for years. The closest we've come so far is what amounts to a cameo appearance by the Green Lantern Corps in a Justice League flashback, which was apparently originally part of bigger plans Snyder had for sequels. McQuarrie's proposal, whatever it was, may have just come about at the wrong time, but it would be fascinating to hear in detail what he and Cavill had in mind if they'd gotten the chance to chart their own course in the DCEU. 

As it is, we'll next see McQuarrie's blockbuster writing and directing in the still-untitled Mission: Impossible 7, which is slated to hit theaters July 23, 2021.