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Chris Pratt auditioned for Captain America, plus other revelations from MCU casting director

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Nov 13, 2019, 7:40 PM EST

Chris Evans has definitely put his mark on the role of Steve "Captain America" Rogers for all time, but what if the guy who can do it all day was played by one of the other famous Chrises? It could have happened, and the Chris in question also comes right out of the MCU, because the MCU is not wanting in the Chris department. The Chris in question is a real Pratt.

In a featurette for Avengers: Endgame called "Casting the MCU" (now playing on Disney+), Sarah Finn, the casting director for the entire MCU (starting at the very beginning with Iron Man) admits that once upon a time she auditioned a burgeoning Chris Pratt for the role of Steve Rogers.

"The property was not well known, people didn't seem to quite get it," Finn says of Captain America. "There was a moral fiber to him, that really isn't something that you act, it's something you need to possess ..."

Finn goes on to call the character of Rogers humble and modest, while noting that's what made Evans a natural choice. Sounds pretty straightforward! It wasn't, and she makes this clear later on when it comes time to talk about casting Guardians of the Galaxy.

"He did an audition for Captain America ..." Finn says while discussing Chris Pratt, adding, "... it was something so interesting, and it wasn't quite a fit. But there's something so endearing. He had so much heart. And I was really tracking his progress and what he was doing and seeing him growing into this leading man."

Finn continues, "So when we were casting Guardians, I very much wanted him to audition for it." She shared her excitement with director James Gunn, whose response was "No way. He's totally wrong."

Finn got Pratt in the room anyway, where she describes Pratt as having a "really magical" audition for the part of Peter Quill. After 10 seconds, Gunn turned to Finn and said, "He's the guy." Going from the audition footage shown in the featurette, he definitely was. Certainly a much better fit for Star-Lord than Captain America.

Other revelations from the featurette include Finn pushing for Robert Downey Jr. to play Tony Stark and facing stiff resistance; Downey singing the opening of A Chorus Line before auditions ("God I hope I get it ..."); Lupita Nyong'o originally testing for Nebula in Guardians before ending up in Black Panther; and T'Challa himself, Chadwick Boseman, originally auditioning for Drax.

As if continuing to cast the MCU wasn't enough, Sarah Finn has also cast The Mandalorian. It's no wonder that when asked about the astonishing cast of the MCU, Joe and Anthony Russo (directors on Avengers: Endgame) remarked that "It's staggering, and it's all attributable to her."