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MCU has 'no stakes,' says Titans actor

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Nov 11, 2019, 2:54 PM EST (Updated)

The rivalry that never ends, DC and Marvel, continues to have its fires stoked from all the strangest corners of their vast media empires. The latest is a barb lobbed by an actor from DC Universe’s flagship show, levied against the dominant superhero film series at the modern box office.

Speaking to CBR back at New York Comic Con, Hank Hall/Hawk portrayer Alan Ritchson explained why he favors Titans’ take on the superhero world over that of the Marvel film universe. Titans has pushed its gritty, violent spin on its heroes up front in its marketing and overtly in its programming, as critics have either enjoyed or mocked. For Ritchson, this tone is paramount.

"I think I'm just excited that the fans are finally getting a really raw, human look at superheroes,” the actor said. “I think, for me, the reason I don't go see Infinity War movies or whatever these are is because there's no stakes in it. Everybody feels invincible all the time."

Even if plenty of heroes dropped at the end of the most recent Marvel film, fans knew a narrative reason their deaths could all be undone, while those paying any attention at all to the industry knew that the actors playing their favorite disintegrated supers hadn’t slowed down production on the MCU’s long-planned slate of sequels.

Ritchson also revealed that he has a lot to learn about the vast world of superheroes with his excitement over what he perceives as the novelty of a hero without superpowers. "You know, I play a superhero without any superpowers. How great is that?” asks the actor. He says that he found out that Hawk couldn’t fly or use super-strength during the shoot for the show’s second episode — a late revelation for a seemingly major character trait.

"So from then on, I played the guy like he had no superpowers, you know? You get hurt in these fights," Ritchson said. "I think that's really cool! Who else has explored that?” Ritchson might not be watching much of the MCU or DCEU if he’s stayed in the dark about Batman for so long. But, hey, at least he has a decent point about the underwhelming stakes of the MCU.

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