Meaghan Rath teases Being Human's season finale—and season 2!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

Meaghan Rath won't come out and tell us—or you—what's in store for the season-one finale of Being Human, but the actress promises that it'll be bloody good.

Rath, of course, stars in Syfy's adaptation of the supernatural British show of the same name as Sally, a ghost who lives with a werewolf (Sam Huntington as Josh) and a vampire (Sam Witwer as Aidan). Season one will conclude on April 11 with "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You," which the network summed up thusly [*spoilers ahead*]: Aidan and Bishop (Mark Pellegrino) square off; Nora (Kristen Hager) finds out the truth about Josh; Sally's able to touch.

"I think we're really on a wave of momentum right now that's coming to a breaking point," Rath said on March 22, during an interview at Syfy's upfront presentation for advertisers in New York City. "As the chaos grows our characters are breaking down even more and are hitting these new rock-bottoms, and everything is going to come to the surface pretty soon."

Can we assume there will be a cliffhanger?

"There is a cliffhanger," Rath confirmed, "a MASSIVE cliffhanger."

Syfy announced on March 17 that it had renewed Being Human for a second 13-episode season. Production will begin soon, and Rath had some concrete ideas for what she'd like to see for the show in general and Sally specifically.

"I would love to see Sally really come into her powers, to really assume the being that she is and kick some serious ass," she said. "That would be amazing. And I think, for the show, I have no idea what's in store. They haven't told me anything. All I know is where we leave off in the first season, and I have full trust in the writers and the creators, and I think they'll make the show different from where the British one is going, but also someplace dark and exciting and funny, like it has been all season."

The goal, Rath added, is to break away entirely from the British edition.

"I know that our writers, Anna Fricke and Jeremy Carver, haven't even seen the second season of the British one," she said. "So I think we'll be doing our own thing now at this point."