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Dec 19, 2005


This deserves some explanation, to say the least.

First: The picture was published in the Baltimore City Paper.

Second: Baltimore, Maryland, recently decided to change their slogan to "Believe" (at least their old slogan wasn't "Rely on Evidence", so this wasn't a huge step down).

Third: Part of the dialect in Baltimore is to call everyone "Hon". You have to say it with a Baltimore accent, which is, um unusual to say the least. It's very difficult to imitate, but it's possible. "Baltimore", for example, comes out Balmer. The word "Hon" comes out hoo-un, but slurred together in such a way that it comes out as more than one but just short of two syllables. Baltimoreans have mastered fractal accents.

There was a sign on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway that used to say " Welcome to Baltimore" and someone added "Hon" to it, but some faceless soulless bureaucrat took it down. And you wonder why I moved away from there.

Finally, fourth: if you don't know what the Flying Spaghetti Monster is, then you should a) read this, and then b) bow down before his Noodly Appendage.

And thus say ye, Ramen.

Tip o' the Bad Astro Blog chapeau to my own Bad Sister, for sending me the image.'

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