Meet Arrow's new S2 villain (who's a member of the League of Assassins!)

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Aug 23, 2013

Arrow’s second season has found its new Big Bad, and it turns out he’ll have a fairly major connection to the Batman mythology.

Actor Navid Negahban, best known for playing the terrorist Abu Nazir on Showtime’s Homeland, has signed to play the new baddie Al-Owal. He’ll be introduced in episode five, “The Hunted,” and his weapon of choice will apparently be a scimitar. Nice.

Even cooler? Al-Owal is apparently a member of evil DC organization the League of Assassins, best known for its founder (and famed Batman baddie) Ra’s al Ghul. This tidbit begs the question of how he might be connected to last season’s Big Bad, Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman), who was also a member of the shadowy organization. We're thinking there's a definite connection, because c'mon, that's too good to pass up.

During his tenure on the hit series Homeland, Negahban proved he can play a truly sinister, nuanced type of evil — and we can’t wait to see what he brings to Arrow. What do you think? Will he be a good addition?

(Via TV Line)

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