Meet the dynamic crime-fighting duo of Electra Woman & Dyna Girl in first official trailer

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Apr 1, 2016, 7:52 PM EDT (Updated)

Legendary Digital has finally unleashed the first trailer for Electra Woman & Dyna Girl, a superhero action comedy movie based on Sid & Marty Krofft's (Land of the Lost, the original Electra Woman and Dyna Girl) 1970s series of the same name. 

The last we’d heard of the project was literally a year ago, when we got our first official look at the crime-fighting duo. Back then, it was being touted as a new web series, but it has now obviously become a feature-length movie.

Helmed by music video director Chris Marrs Piliero, Electra Woman & Dyna Girl is a fresh new take on the 1976 superhero series that starred Days of our Lives’ Deirdre Hall as Electra Woman and Judy Strangis as Dyna Girl. The show was short-lived, running only for one 16-episode season, but it became somewhat of a cult classic among fans.

In the titular roles for the reboot are YouTube stars Grace Helbig (The Grace Helbig Show) and Hannah Hart (My Drunk Kitchen) as the new dynamic crime-fighting duo. In the super fun trailer below, our characters start out in the classic spandex duds before getting a dynamic do-over. Goodbye capes and spandex, hello stylish leather! Check it out:


ELECTRA WOMAN & DYNA GIRL follows two superheroes Electra Woman (Helbig) and Dyna Girl (Hart) as they move from Akron to Los Angeles in hopes of making it big in the crime fighting world, only to find competition with other vigilantes and infighting amongst themselves. 

In a world of serious superhero movies like the recently released Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Electra Woman & Dyna Girl looks like a breath of fresh air. What do you guys think? Are you looking forward to the new adventures of Electra Woman and Dyna Girl?

Electra Woman & Dyna Girl will be available on all major digital platforms June 7 and on DVD July 5. Will that be a must-see for you?


(via Legendary)