Meet The Governor: 1st photo of David Morrissey in The Walking Dead

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Jan 25, 2016, 4:21 PM EST (Updated)

The Governor is coming. Brace yourselves, because the first photo of David Morrissey as the Walking Dead villain has been released. Does he look like a menace? Are his eyes filled with hate and malice? You tell us!

According to Kirkman, "The Governor in the show is definitely going to be the Governor in the comic. I think that he's definitely going to be a character that people love to hate and are absolutely entertained by, but also somewhat terrified of. He's definitely going to be a very important character and a very nuanced character. We are not going to be watering him down."

In the comic, the Governor is one of Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) biggest rivals, so we can't wait to see the drama between those two play out. Kirkman says, "Having the Governor in the mix is going to fundamentally change the show in all kinds of awesome and exciting ways. And David Morrissey totally rocks!"

Season three has the potential to be the best one yet. The Governor? Check! Michonne? Check! The prison? Check! The farm? Gone! Yep, that's a winning combination.

What do you think of the Governor's look?

(via TVGuide)