Meet Marvel's Inhumans: What you need to know

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One of the most uncanny superhero teams ever to electrify the Marvel Universe is the Inhumans, and with the House of Imagination's recent announcement of serious plans for an upcoming Inhumans movie, it's high time we delved into the main character lineup of this amazing assembly of mutant crusaders.  


Like Guardians of the Galaxy, this brash band of superhumans is not exactly a household name, but they've been a vital thread in Marvel's comics quilt since 1965 when they debuted in Fantastic Four #45.  After cameo appearances and backup story pop-ups in various Marvel books, they received their own self-titled series, which ran for 12 issues in 1975.  Over the decades, they've interacted and intersected plotlines with everyone from the Fantastic Four to the Avengers and the X-Men and most recently starred in the limited event series Infinity and Inhumanity. 

Who are the Inhumans?

Conjured up by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Inhumans are led by the sonic-blasting Black Bolt and his Attilan royal family, consisting of Medusa, Maximus the Mad, Karnak, Gorgon, Triton, Crystal and their gigantic canine sidekick, Lockjaw.  The result of ancient Kree exogeneticist experimentation conducted on primitive homo sapiens at a research lab on Uranus, the project's goals were to reverse the stagnation of their race and develop a supersoldier army able to resist and repel future Skrull attacks.  Abandoned by the Kree, these Inhumans eventually settled a technologically advanced society on Earth and the far side of the moon.  

Terrigen Mist

Through exposure to Terrigen Mist, the chemical agent that endows Inhumans with their paranormal powers, accelerating evolutionary pathways to a godlike pinnacle in some and facilitating devolution into deformed monsters in others, Inhumans become a dominant force in the cosmos and a cautionary tale on the unrestrained tampering with biology.  The unstable consequences of this dangerous ritual caused fractures within Inhuman society that reverberated through Earth's populace and beyond.  Their Game of Thrones-like court tribulations and the darker dynamics rooted in the heady concepts of slavery, genocide, familial loyalty and bigotry meld well with the lighter-toned adventures of The Fantastic Four and rogue rowdiness of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Who's Who

Marvel's decision to march forward with an Inhumans movie is another risky progression to help deepen the canon and give its established franchises more pals to play with, and it just might also be the key to cracking the legal restrictions keeping them from using the word "mutant" in a film.   Plow into our primer on this intriguing cosmic crew, and try not to step in the DNA-altering Terrigen Mist.



Blackagar Boltagon is the proud, silent king of Attilan and child of the island realm's top geneticists, Agon and Rynda.   His ability to project a cataclysmic sonic blast renders him mostly mute, until his ire is tapped and he lets loose a brutal bellow.  Besides his array of hypersonic weapons, Black Bolt is enabled with the power of flight, superhuman strength and a talent for molecular manipulation.


The scheming younger brother of Black Bolt is constantly attempting to steal the throne with sneaky alliances with the Kree or a gang of Inhuman criminals.  With a genius-level intellect, inventive weapons and potent mind-controlling powers, he's the villainous family member most likely to zap you with a Hypno-Gun.


The sultry queen of Attilan and wife of Black Bolt possesses one wild head of psychokinetic red hair, superhuman speed and strength.  Her ongoing frustration with her husband's inability to vocalize any thought or emotion causes a constant rift in their passionate relationship.


The young, innocent sister of Medusa, Crystal holds power over the four classical Greek elements and is gifted with the familiar superior Inhuman physiology.  A former girlfriend of The Human Torch and later married to Quicksilver and Ronan The Accuser, this "People's Princess" is able to conjure up typhoons, forest fires, earthquakes and dust storms.


The karate-chopping cousin of Black Bolt and brother of Triton, Karnak is equipped with a talent for discovering the weakest points in any person, battle plan of physical object.  Nicknamed The Shatterer, he's a master martial artist capable of summoning ESP to infiltrate his family's enemies and is often the philosophical advisor to Black Bolt.


Gorgon is the muscle behind Black Bolt's royal reign, with massively muscled legs creating devastating seismic shockwaves and untold collateral damage.  His phenomenal agility and super strength makes him the ideal choice for a lethal enforcer.


Member of the Attilan royal clan, Triton was exposed to the mutagenic Terrigen Mists when he was just a youngster, giving him various aquatic mutations.  He possesses enhanced physical strength and the ability to swim great distances, and can withstand the tremendous pressures of the deep ocean.


Once a human, Lockjaw is the colossal canine companion to Crystal and the entire Attilan royal family.  From his exposure to the intoxicating Terrigen Mists, Lockjaw gained the powers of teleportation, precognition, and crushing clamp-down strength in his bulky bulldog jaw. 

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