Meet the new competitors in massive Hunger Games: Catching Fire banner

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Aug 30, 2013, 6:05 PM EDT (Updated)

While you wait desperately for November, the returning tributes assemble. It's kind of like the Avengers, but with more death.

Hunger Game: Catching Fire still feels like it's forever away, but that doesn't mean we're starved for content. Lionsgate has released this tiny morsel for us to gobble up — a large banner revealing all the former winners of the past Hunger Games.

So, here's a look at who will be duking it out this winter:

You can grab a closer look at the official site. But they're all here, most of them looking like they aren't afraid to kill if they have to. Again.

The adaptation of the first Hunger Games novel spared us a lot of the violence and gore that occurred in the book. But seeing all these more defined characters in one place, we're hoping things are a lot more gruesome (and true to the text) for the movie sequel.

(via Collider)