Meet the newest addition to Walking Dead S5 (but who is he playing?)

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Jan 25, 2016, 4:21 PM EST (Updated)

The cast of The Walking Dead just added a fresh face for season five, but who is he playing?

Actor Seth Gilliam (Teen Wolf) has joined the series in an unknown role, and marks the umpteenth Wire alum to join the cast over the past few years. Apparently Robert Kirkman is a big, big fan of the old HBO series.

The studio has not announced who Gilliam is playing, though the casting call was listed under the dummy name of Michael, a character who is “friendly with a puckish demeanor who also has a haunted side.” This being The Walking Dead, we’d expect pretty much all of that to probably be fake, just to throw us off.

Our best guess, which The Hollywood Reporter seems to agree with? Gilliam could be playing the comic-based character of Gabriel Stokes, a preacher who Rick’s group meets in Issue 61 of the comics. Story-wise, the timing matches up with the TV series, and Gilliam would be a good fit for the look of Stokes. 

Going back to the dummy character description, Stokes also has a bit of a “haunted side,” as he made more than  a few dark turns to ensure his survival up to this point in the zombie apocalypse. Considering that this season looks to plumb the depths of humanity, having a preacher around (especially in Hershel’s absence) could make some sense.

Who do you think Gilliam is playing in season five?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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