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Meet Nintendo's most prolific fan and help cast Pokemon voices [Ep #81]

Apr 17, 2019, 12:30 PM EDT

The Nintendo Company has over the past two decades experience cloud-jumping highs (the Wii, dungeon-trudging lows (the Wii U), and everything in between (the Switch is selling very well, its accessories not so much). Kevin Cassidy has been there for it all, documenting it in unbelievable breadth on his site GoNintendo.com.

Cassidy has averaged over 100 posts a day on GoNintendo for the last 17 years, and in the process has gained a substantial following of equally dedicated gamers. Nintendo is infamously opaque and unpredictable in its decision-making, and Cassidy has become the closest thing the English-speaking media has to a soothsayer for the legendary Kyoto corporation. But as he tells The Fandom Files, even he has little clue what the minds behind Super Mario and Zelda will do next — not that he really cares all that much.

Writing about Nintendo is a dream come true, and provides him expertise when we pepper him with questions about Pokémon sexuality and movie Sonic's very muscular legs. Join Cassidy on this adventure through Nintendo history, speculation, and casting all 151 original Pokémon with Hollywood actors.