Meet Regaliceratops, the newest dino discovery scientists call Hellboy

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Jun 8, 2015

Here's the newest edition to the dinosaur kingdom, a crowned, multi-horned cousin of the Triceratops that paleontologists have affectionately nicknamed Hellboy, after Mike Mignola's kitty-loving, pancake-feasting comic-book demon.

Officially given the royal designation of Regaliceratops, its 600-pound petrified skull was unearthed in Canada and featured a jagged, bony bonnet along the top ridge of its head.  This impressive creature was first discovered 10 years ago jutting out of a steep cliff above the Oldman river south of Calgary in Alberta, and its species identification was announced to the world on Thursday in the journal Current Biology.  Regaliceratops is the latest member of the chasmosaurine family of large horned herbivores that lived some 68 million years ago and must have been the envy of the swamps with that awesome ornamental headgear.

“There are these really stubby horns over the eyes that match up with the comic-book character Hellboy,” said study leader Caleb Brown of the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Alberta, Canada, where the fossil now calls home.  

Have a look at the team's discovery video and tell us if you think this dino's splendid crowned cranium is a cool look.

(Via Comic Book Resources) 

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