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Meet the Council of Wells rejects in hilarious clip from next week's Flash

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:17 AM EDT (Updated)

Next week’s Flash will not only see the return of Katee Sackhoff as Amunet Black, it will also introduce us to the Council of Harrisons — which pretty much can be summed up as a Council of Wells rejects. How about having a sneak peek at next week’s episode with a hilarious new clip and some new pics?

Titled “Harry and the Harrisons,” the episode airing on May 8 will see Harry (Tom Cavanagh) down in the dumps when he’s kicked out from the Council of Wells because he’s losing his intelligence (they actually call him a "dum-dum"). It’ll be Cisco (Carlos Valdes) to the rescue when he assembles a Council of Harrisons instead to help boost his friend’s morale since, you know, there’s a whole multiverse of Wells still out there.

Flash executive producer Todd Helbing recently previewed the episode in a recent interview with TVLine where he explained that whereas the Council of Wells was “all about intelligence and being the smartest people in the universe,” the Council of Harrisons “are ‘an emo version’ of the Council, so they teach Harry that there’s emotional intelligence that perhaps he should tap into.” Which is actually something that was touched upon in this week’s episode.

This new council means that Cavanagh will get to play more versions of the character, meaning we’ll be getting more fun performances from the actor who always seems to be having a blast playing different versions of Wells. “Oh my God, it’s hilarious,” Helbing said. “There’s one in particular that he came up with that all of us loved.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Barry (Grant Gustin) and the rest of Team Flash will seek out Amunet Black’s help in order to disable DeVoe’s (Neil Sandilands) nearly completed Enlightenment device. Why? Because she's apparently immune to DeVoe's powers... Now isn't that interesting?

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