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We got your super suit right here! Meet the new heroes from Pixar's Incredibles 2

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May 23, 2018, 8:28 PM EDT (Updated)

Just three weeks to go until the Parr family returns to protect the world from super-villainy in Pixar's highly-anticipated Incredibles 2. The sequel to Brad Bird's animated hit is 14 years in the making, so you know they had to go all out for something that fans have been clamoring for over the last Quindecennial. As a result, it won't just be Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and Frozone, but also an entirely new roster of heroes that will be introduced to this universe. With the explosion of the comic book genre since 2004, the movie's in a great place to poke fun at the saturation caused by the cinematic universes of Marvel and DC. 

Thanks to a new promotional ad posted by Pixar on Twitter, we now know who some of these new "Supers" will be. The spot is hosted by Sophia Bush, the voice of one of the new characters, Void. Similar to the X-Man Blink, she can open inter-dimensional portals at will, transporting objects and people to whatever destination she'd like. 

More new heroes include: The Indestructible Brick, an obvious twist on the Hulk; The High-Flying Screech, most likely inspired by Falcon and Banshee; and Super Senior Reflux, an old person in spandex like Mermaid Man.  

"And those are just the starting line-up," says Bush, "because we're bringing supers back, baby!" 

Bob Odenkirk is here to help on that front by voicing Winston Deavor, a PR-type, who wants to "bring Supers back into the sunlight" by improving the public's perception of them. If you'll remember from the beginning of the last movie, the halcyon days of crime-fighting are long over, as heroes have been outlawed and forced into private lives. 

Featuring the voice talents of Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Brad Bird, Catherine Keener, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jonathan Banks, Incredibles 2 sees a role reversal from the last film where Elastigirl (Hunter) goes out to fight bad guys while her husband, Mr. Incredible (Nelson) stays home to watch the kids. However, the entire family must band together when a new villain known as Screenslaver begins hypnotizing the general public into mindless zombies. 

Incredibles 2 arrives in theaters to save the day on June 15.