Meet the Runaways and their evil parents in new pics from Hulu series

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:58 AM EDT (Updated)

One of Marvel’s most acclaimed recent comics is coming to Hulu in just a few months — and now we finally have a fresh look at the Runaways. Thankfully, the more we see the more excited we are for this fresh-faced comic adaptation.

Entertainment Weekly has dropped some exclusive pics from Hulu’s 10-episode adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan’s comic series, which tracks a group of teens who go on the run when they realize their parents are supervillains. The shots show off pretty much all the core cast, including the namesake runaways and their parents, who make up the evil cabal called The Pride (led by Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum James Marsters).

Vaughan’s original run on the comic is a tight, funny, self-contained story that should translate well to a limited series. It’s loaded with great characters and provides an excellent template for tackling adolescence and loneliness with a superhero lens. It has fantasy, sci-fi, personal stakes, action, and young love. Put simply: The makings are all there for great television if producers Josh Schwartz (Chuck) and Stephanie Savage (The O.C.) can pull it off. We've been saying that for years, actually.

Plus, if the show’s a hit the comic ran for a good while after that initial arc (it’s also been resurrected, just in time for the show). So there are plenty more stories to mine.

Runaways stars Rhenzy Feliz (Alex Wilder), Lyrica Okano (Nico Minoru), Virginia Gardner (Karolina Dean), Ariela Barer (Gert Yorkes), Gregg Sulkin (Chase Stein), and Allegra Acosta (Molly Hernandez). The adult cast includes: James Marsters (Victor Stein), Brigid Branagh (Stacey Yorkes), Kevin Weisman (Dale Yorkes), Ryan Sands (Geoffrey Wilder), Ever Carradine (Janet Stein), Angel Parker (Catherine Wilder), Annie Wersching (Leslie Dean), James Yaegashi (Robert Minoru), and Brittany Ishibashi (Tina Minoru).

The series hits Hulu on November 21.

Check out a few of the pics below, and click here to see the rest.