Meet (and rate) season three's hot new True Blood cast

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Sookie's world is starting to fill up! And we have to say creator Alan Ball of the smokin' hot HBO series True Blood has done some smokin' hot casting this month for the upcoming third season. So we put together a cast list of all the new characters who will be added, along with information about who's been cast in the roles.

For fun, we've added a Smokin' Hot Factor score, which was determined based on the Hotness Level of the Role + the Actor/Actress. This score is entirely subjective, and only new characters that have been cast were included (except in one unique case).

Alcide Heveraux will be played by Joe Manganiello

Species: Werewolf
Smokin' Hot Factor: 10
What we have to look forward to: Book fans started drooling all over themselves when they heard Alcide was to be a key player in the third season, and why not? He's not some cold vamp. He's a hot-blooded werewolf who, if creator Ball follows the book mythology, will one day get up close and naked with Sookie (Anna Paquin). This season, Alcide will help Sookie in her search for the missing Bill (Stephen Moyer). Magianello (One Tree Hill, How I Met Your Mother) snagged the recurring role, and we're thinking he's the perfect fit for Alcide. One other key role that has not been cast is Alcide's psycho girlfriend, Debbie Pelt. Both she and Alcide are very important to the Sookie Stackhouse book mythology.

Crystal Norris will be played by Lindsay Pulsipher

Species: We're not saying. Read the books or watch this summer.
Smokin' Hot Factor: 9
What we have to look forward to: Crystal is another important character from the books. She'll be key in getting Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) back to his naked ways. Crystal is described as a strange barefoot woman who shares an "electric connection" with Jason. Pulsipher is fresh from The Beast and should have no trouble raising Jason's temperature.

Tommy Mickens will be played by Marshall Allman

Species: Shapeshifter
Smokin' Hot Factor: 6
What we have to look forward to: Sam Marlette (Sam Trammell) hunts down his long-lost family in Arkansas and finds his long-lost younger brother. Allman (Prison Break) has been signed as a new series regular, and we'll definitely see his backside, 'cause shapeshifters (like Sam) have trouble keeping their clothes on.

Russell Edgington will be played by Denis O'Hare

Species: Vampire
Smokin' Hot Factor: 4
What we have to look forward to: Russell is the gay vampire king of Mississippi, and he'll have plenty of vampire politics to talk about with the other major royal presence, Queen Sophie-Anne (Evan Rachel Wood), who returns this season. Russell has a hot boyfriend named Talbot, who we'll also meet. Tony winner O'Hare (Brothers & Sisters) will also be a new series regular.

Coot will be played by Grant Bowler

Species: Werewolf
Smokin' Hot Factor: 6
What we have to look forward to: Coot is a badass biker gang leader who runs a bunch of were-bikers. When he's not getting high on V, he's torturing Vampire Bill. Australian Bowler was smokin' hot on Ugly Betty, but we wish he wasn't playing such a bad guy named Coot. The name alone takes Hotness points away from him.

Talbot will be played by Theo Alexander

Species: Vampire
Smokin' Hot Factor: 9
What we have to look forward to: Talbot is Russell's "intensely beautiful," sarcastic boyfriend, who loves to cook even though vamps are not that big on the eating thing. Greek actor Alexander (Chuck, Pushing Daisies) looks like a very nice fit for the role.

Ruby Jean Reynolds will be played by Alfre Woodard

Species: Intensely religious human
Smokin' Hot Factor: 3
What we have to look forward to: Finally we get to meet Lafayette's (Nelsan Ellis) mommy, and considering she's played by the amazing Emmy winner Woodard, we're thinking she's going to give that bad boy a talking to that he's not likely to forget. While Woodard (Desperate Housewives, Three Rivers) mixed with her religious mommy character doesn't equal a lot of Smokin' Hotness, creator Ball is on the hunt to cast a sexy Latino boyfriend for Lafayette, who we're thinking might reach a whole new level on the Smokin' Hot scale.

Franklin Mott will be played by James Frain

Species: Vampire
Smokin' Hot Factor: 8
What we have to look forward to: Franklin is a sexy, sexy vampire who tries to make Tara (Rutina Wesley) forget all about Eggs begin dead. Considering that Tara isn't fond of vamps, we're thinking Franklin's going to make a big impression on her. English actor Frain (24, Tron Legacy) has the acting chops to turn Tara's head and make her forget all about Eggs.

Yvetta will be played by Natasha Alam

Species: Sexy dancer
Smokin' Hot Factor: 10+
What we have to look forward to: Yvetta is a Czech dancer who heats up Fangtasia and Eric (Alexander Skarsgaard). The Uzbekistan actress (The Bold and the Beautiful) has posed for Playboy and Maxim, so we're thinking the hottest vamp on TV (that'd be Eric) and Yvetta won't have any trouble quickening the pulses of everyone watching.

Melinda Mickens will be played by J. Smith-Cameron

Species: Shapeshifter, we're guessing
Smokin' Hot Factor: 2
What we have to look forward to: Melinda is dirt-poor and trashy in all the wrong ways. She also happens to be Sam's long-lost mom. The Tony-nominated Smith-Cameron (Law & Order, Six Degrees) is a good choice to build an interesting family for our favorite bar-owning shapeshifter Sam.

Joe Lee Mickens will be played by Cooper Huckabee

Species: Shapeshifter, we're also guessing
Smokin' Hot Factor: 0
What we have to look forward to: Joe Lee is Sam's dirt-poor and uneducated pop. Huckabee (The Funhouse) takes on the recurring role.

Caroline Compton will be played by Shannon Lucio

Species: Human
Smokin' Hot Factor: 7
What we have to look forward to: Caroline is Bill's human wife from the Civil War era. While we already saw Caroline briefly in a season-one flashback played by a different actress, Lucio (The O.C., Prison Break) will be featured as the character in a more substantial flashback. The new flashback will take us back to what happened to the couple after Bill was turned into a vampire.

Reverend Daniels will be played by Gregg Daniel

Species: Human
Smokin' Hot Factor: 1
What we have to look forward to: The Reverend Daniels will be on hand to counsel Tara's mom, Lettie Mae. However, Lettie Mae may be crushing on the good Reverend, so it could get interesting for the actor, Daniel (Hollywood Homicide).

Pam will be played by Kristin Bauer

Species: Vampire
Smokin' Hot Factor: 9
What we have to look forward to: Eric's right-hand woman, Pam, isn't new, but she will be a regular on the series this season. Rumor has it she may get involved in a lesbian relationship. Bauer's (Dirty Sexy Money) character is interesting and hot, and she's certainly earned a hot storyline.

So how do these actors rate on your smokin' hot meter?