Meet Arrow's 'scary and nightmarish' new villain

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

A new villain's being unleashed on Starling City. Arrow has added another name to Oliver's never-ending list. So who's the latest Big Bad to be plucked from the DC Universe?

Get ready for Count Vertigo, or someone inspired by him. Like most characters on Arrow, he's not a direct adaptation. We're not even sure if he'll have the same name. According to TVLine, a "deadly new drug that becomes all the rage in Starling City in the Big Bad's introductory episode (set to air in early 2013) will be called Vertigo."

In the comics, Count Vertigo has the ability to disorient his victims, making them dizzy and unbalanced. He usually achieves this with a psychic wave. Even though Arrow's dead set against superpowers, his will somehow remain intact.

Perhaps this is where the drug comes into play? It gives the same effect, but without all the razzle-dazzle. A source describes the character as "truly scary and nightmarish," and calls him "Oliver's deadliest adversary to date."

Do you think he'll give Oliver a run for his money?

(via TVLine)