Meet the Fringe team's new oracle in its battle with the Observers

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

It looks like the Fringe crew have a new ally in their battle with the Observers for the world's future. Actress Jill Scott guest-stars tonight as Simone, an oracle-like woman who offers to assist the Fringe team in the episode "The Human Kind," which airs tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox.

"She's a quiet warrior and she's sort of an oracle, someone who can foresee the future," said Scott. "There is an integral part of Olivia's quest, and Simone has direct knowledge of that, although I won't say knowledge. She has an intuition about how to help her on her quest."

We're thinking the team could use an oracle about this time, considering the events of the season so far. And considering there's only a handful of episodes left in Fringe before the series ends forever.

"Simone is an emoter. She's quiet, strong-willed, focused in a sense, maybe even a freedom fighter. She's a big part of the resistance, and she doesn't sing," said Scott, who is an actress but is also well known as a singer. "She works and she's a hustler, too. She makes ways to finance her community."

Scott admits she's always loved the show and was thrilled to get a chance to play a significant role before the show ends. "Fringe is one of my favorite television shows from its inception. I absolutely love all of the science fiction of it, the mystery of it, the science in it. The characters are wonderful and so rich. Walter, of course, is my absolute favorite."

While Scott loves her character, she wished things could have gone farther. "I wanted more powers. I mean, to be able to see into the future is pretty incredible, or to have an intuition about things like that is pretty awesome. But I definitely wish I had something growing out of me," she said, referencing Fringe's habit of mutating or altering characters in one way or another.

"I had a lot of wild expectations and hopes for my character. When I found out who she really was, based on my conversations with Dennis, the director, based on those conversations, I had to adjust her quickly. ... The challenge was having to readdress her, because I had so many ideas, because this is Fringe, and I had so many ideas of who this person was. The redirection on her was my challenge. Having to about-face was my challenge," said Scott.

As for working with Anna Torv who plays Olivia Dunham, "the character is smart and lovely and strong, and it honestly bugged me out because this is a show that I genuinely enjoy, and there's Olivia being all of those things right in front of my face. I ... let those things go because it's time to work, but I was thoroughly geeked. My inner child is jumping up and down like, 'Yes.' It was a pretty incredible moment."

Here's a Fringe clip where Olivia meets Simone in "The Human Kind":

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