Meet the other Avatar cast members in our premiere video

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

We got more interviews with the cast of James Cameron's sci-fi epic Avatar, from the Los Angeles "blue-carpet" premiere last week, including some of the supporting actors you haven't heard from yet, among them Laz Alonso and Giovanni Ribisi.

Star Sam Worthington also admits that playing a disabled Marine downloaded into a giant blue alien wasn't the hardest part of the gig. "Challenging was getting the job, honey," he says with a laugh.

Joel David Moore, who plays one of the film's scientists, also says the movie's hard to describe. "It's a 10-foot-tall blue version of me that I can transfer my consciousness into. That's why this is hard to explain, honey," he says.

Note that they both refer to our comely correspondent as honey?

Avatar's now in theaters.

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