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WIRE Buzz: Mega Man will get 'grounded' live-action film; Riddick 4 still being written; Tenet poster

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Jul 29, 2020, 12:32 PM EDT

Detective Pikachu, Sonic the Hedgehog, and now Mega Man. The blue robot created by Dr. Light to combat Dr. Wily with a variety of pellet blasts and themed abilities has been on the hook for a live-action movie since 2018, when Paranormal Activity and Project Power pair Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman were put on the beat by 20th Century Fox alongside writer Mattson Tomlin. Now, the trio has given an update on the future of the film — while they’re all working on superheroes both classic and brand new.

Speaking to Total Film, the creatives (which sold the pill-popping superhero film Project Power to Netflix on spec) explained their approach to adapting the iconic Capcom video game character. Key to this is Tomlin, who has also co-written upcoming superhero film The Batman with Matt Reeves.

“We found a common love of and exhaustion with the superhero genre,” Schulman said of Tomlin. “That’s what he’d already started to do with Power, I think that’s what he’s doing with the new Batman, and that’s what we’re trying to do even more so in Mega Man, which is to make it even more grounded and based in reality.”

Sounds like fans will be getting a take on the adaptable hero that skews more Nolan than Burton, and that the scripting process is still underway despite the bevy of other high-profile projects on its writers’ plates.

The Mega Man film does not currently have a release date.

Next, the last fans really heard about a new movie in the Chronicles of Riddick universe was way back in 2015 when star Vin Diesel promised a TV series and a fourth film titled Furya. In July of last year, Diesel showed off a script of the latter. Apparently, that wasn’t close to a final draft, because franchise writer/director David Twohy has given an update on the long-gestating project that is still, apparently, in the works.

Speaking to Total Film, Twohy said he’s still at work in the writing process. “Vin and I have already agreed on a story,” Twohy said. “We do a treatment first. We get together. We talk about it. We massage it. And we say, ‘That’s the story.’ And then I go off and write a screenplay. And we’ll see what goes from here.”

So the below draft? Possibly back to the drawing board:

The fact that anyone’s still working on a new Riddick seven years after the latest film (Riddick) is a little shocking, considering Diesel has been busy trying to launch a superhero franchise with Bloodshot and in the middle of a blockbuster franchise with Fast and the Furious. This update should bolster fans’ resolve, however, and show that even when it seems Pitch Black, there still exists a small glimmer of hope for the future.

Finally, speaking of small glimmers of hope, Tenet has announced a new release date and with that, a new poster promoting its IMAX presence.

The time-manipulating Christopher Nolan film has been delayed repeatedly (it now boasts an Aug. 26 international release and a Sept. 3 U.S. release), but that’s not stopping anyone from showing off the bonafides the would-be blockbuster has to offer. The IMAX release of the film promises that "sequences shot with IMAX cameras will visually expand to fill the entire screen, allowing moviegoers to experience more of the image with unprecedented crispness and clarity," according to a release.

Take a look at this new warped poster featuring star John David Washington (and those weird rectangular portal-looking things):

Source: IMAX

Fans shouldn’t strain their necks trying to look at all the strange corners of the poster, but they should not the strange desert locale of the upper right — and all the shadowy figures milling about. What’s their deal?

Fans can find out — if all goes according to plan — on either Aug. 26 or Sept. 3.