Megalyn E.K. on bringing Vixen to Arrow, odds for her own spinoff series

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Feb 24, 2016, 4:01 PM EST

The CW’s superhero universe is set to get even bigger this week, when Vixen makes her live-action debut on Arrow. So, what does star Megalyn E.K. make of her long-awaited debut?

The actress, likely best known to genre fans for her role on The 4400, has been voicing the character Vixen on The CW Seed’s animated series set within the same continuity of Flash and Arrow. But when she arrives in Star City in this week’s new episode, it’ll be the first time the character has been portrayed in the flesh.

E.K. said this episode is set after the animated series, and finds Vixen pulled to Star City in an effort to help out Oliver with his many (many) problems. She also touches on the odds she could get her own live-action series (The CW set up The Flash in much the same way, with a cameo appearance on Arrow) or even head over to Legends of Tomorrow at some point.

Here’s an excerpt from her comments to Comic Book Resources:

“I think at this point, some time has passed and maybe -- by the time I get to Star City -- the Green Arrow, the Flash and I have probably established a little bit more of a rapport. We have more of a superhero solidarity, and so I go to Star City to help out my brothers, essentially -- my peeps!…

If that happened [a spinoff series, or joining Legends], I definitely would not be sad. I just love the opportunity to play this character in live-action and I think, if the fans appreciate it like I hope they will, that I would love to do more, in any capacity, really. I'm really excited about the second season of the animated show, and I'm really excited about the idea of bringing Vixen into all of the universes, basically getting to hang out with all of her comic book friends -- even the Suicide Squad or the Justice League. All of that would be very cool.”

If we’re taking bets on spinoff series or Legends role, my money would be on Legends. Vixen is a lesser-known character who would certainly fit the ensemble mold to show up on Legends in the future (assuming it returns for a second season).

Arrow airs Wednesday nights on The CW.


(Via Comic Book Resources)