Megan Fox (and Optimus) quit Transformers—and more!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Here's a list of our hottest stories and best comments this week (and the debate over Megan Fox got quite heated), in case you missed anything. Think of this week-ending roundup as a DVR for SCI FI Wire.


Our story: Chuck and V renewed, FlashForward canceled

Your best comment: I had to free up space on the DVR so I had to choose to erase 5 weeks of V or 6 of FlashForward.... effectively abandoning one show... boy, did I bet on the wrong horse.
One can only take so much Joe Fiennes raising his eyebrow and looking skeptical, so maybe we're better off. It was one helluva drinking game, though. "He's giving the look! Drink!"
— trueman832

Our story: Real-life giant octopus kills shark, whole thing caught on video

Your best comment: Did somebody drug that shark? The match looked rig like somebody drugged his water before he entered the ring— kizer

Our story: Secrets of the alternate U.S.A. from Fox's Fringe

Your best comment: The West Wing on Fox? Now, that*s science fiction!!!— Jeff from NJ: yes NJ

Our story: 6 amazing sci-fi TV shows ruined by their freaky finales

Your best comments: Watched the Prisoner as a kid, now I finally find out the end.
Now I know the writers were on LSD25
— 12Rant


This post made me rage. You prisoner portion actually made me comment on this webpage. That's how angry I am. Also email me if you want some pizza rolls.— sNAKEdOCTOR

Our story: Heroes is dead, but NBC picks up Batman-like Cape

Your best comment: SUMMER GLAU YEAH!!! I WILL WATCH (but only on Hulu)— Summer Glau

Our story: POLL: So Heroes is officially canceled. Do you care?

Your best comment: Heroes was better when it was called The 4400.— dpcwollmann

Our story: Excellent! Keanu's back in sci-fi: 5 reasons why we're stoked

Your best comment: I'm still waiting for Bill & Ted III.— Zaphod

Our story: 12 sci-fi movie and TV deaths that made us go "WTF?"

Your best comment: Also like to add one more. Ambassador Kosh on Babylon 5 was a huge WTF.— lookn_4_stars

Our story: Heroes creator dings NBC, but holds out hope

Your best comment: The down fall was that Heroes only had one theme and that was "Daddy issues". Almost every character's background or motivation was driven by daddy issues.— Deceive

Our story: Firefly's original writers reveal what happens NEXT

Your best comment: There was a Book book announced (terrible pun clearly intended), entitled "The Shepherd's Tale". But that was several years ago and I still haven't seen hide nor hair of it :(

To quote the Firefly Wiki, apparently:
* A part of Shepherd Book is artificial
* He found God in a bowl of soup
* Book is best known for his greatest failure
* "Derrial" is not his real name. He took that name from a man he killed. — Owen

Our story: ULTIMATE SPOILER: Read the last page of Lost's finale script!

Your best comment: I think Gilligan's island was a way better show than Lost.... at least it made more sense...— someguy

Our story: Megan Fox: I wasn't fired--I QUIT Transformers 3!

Your best comments: I ain't doing the movie either if Megan is out. I want to stomp Bay into the ground. He is a turd burglar. — Optimus


Yeah, sure, Megan, you QUIT on a movie that made you MILLIONS of dollars. See you in playboy. Now, take your Gorilla thumb and your lame acting, and go home. — Rico

Our story: See trailers and concept art from 9 new sci-fi TV series

Your best comment: From reading the comments regularly I doubt most of the commenters would enjoy anything. I feel sorry for your closed minds.

Did you hear about the newest scifi show coming soon?

Its Law & Order, CSI and NCIS set in the Blade Runner Universe with House as a robot doing surgery on bioengineered Hobbits. At the end of each show there is a cell phone number to call where you can win money by suggesting a future plot twist. — skwirlinator

Our story: The 10 most awesome sci-fi movies that never were ... so far

Your best comment: The man on the cover of The Stars My Destination looks like James Marsters. — Noneofyourbusiness

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