Mel Gibson responds to those Mad Max cameo rumors

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Dec 16, 2012

George Miller is finally returning to the wasteland with his fourth Mad Max flick, Fury Road, and this time he'll have a new Max in the form of The Dark Knight Rises star Tom Hardy. But what about the original Max? Doesn't Mel Gibson at least get a cameo? Gibson's heard the rumors, and now he's weighing in.

Speaking to E! at a recent substance abuse charity event in Los Angeles, Gibson responded to the rumors that he'll pop up somewhere in the new Max flick with a simple "Nope."

"I've got nothing to do with it. George, he's filming in Namibia or something," Gibson said.

So, no big cameo from Mel that anyone's willing to admit. But that doesn't mean Gibson wouldn't be interested if he got a call from his old pal Miller.

"It would be fun to fly to Namibia and be a snake in the background or something," he said.

Despite his lack of involvement, Gibson remains a fan of Miller's work, and he seems just as excited for the return of the franchise as the rest of us.

"I think it's going to be great," he said. "George is a genius."

Of course, this could all be a scheme to hide his cameo until the flick is released. Who knows, maybe we'll see Gibson hiding behind a hockey mask and staring down the new incarnation of the character that helped make him a star.

(via E! Online)

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