Mel Gibson reveals why it took so long to get a Mad Max sequel

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

It's been a few decades since we've seen anything new in the post-apocalyptic Mad Max franchise, which helped kick off the career of a young Mel Gibson. With a reboot now in the works, Gibson has opened up about the Mad Max 4 that never was.

Gibson told that he was approached more than 10 years ago—that'd be the early 2000s—about bringing the '80s franchise back to life. But director George Miller could never get the budget in check:

"We talked about this very project like 10 years ago. I actually wanted to do it, but then what happened was, the budget was nuts. It was crazy. I certainly hope they've become more realistic about it."
Gibson said he's also met up with Tom Hardy, who will star in the new sequel Mad Max: Fury Road, and thinks he'll made a great addition to the franchise:
"[T]hey cast him, but I sat down with the guy and I quite like him. I think he's a good choice for that ... Oh yeah, I'll have a look. It'll be fun. I think he's a good actor. He commits completely and he looks great. There's this scary thing about him which is kind of right for that. Tom needed to sit down and talk more than I did. I'm really happy about that. But I hope they do a great job. I'm a big fan of George's."
Are you glad to see Tom Hardy take the reins, or do you wish we'd gotten a true, Gibson-starring sequel years ago?