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Melissa Benoist shares first look at sleek new Supergirl Season 5 costume

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Jul 15, 2019, 7:50 PM EDT

A skirt’s not the only way to gear up when it’s time to take the fight to the bad guys. Fresh off the news that she’ll be directing a late episode in the upcoming fifth season of Supergirl, star Melissa Benoist gave the show’s social media fans their first glimpse at her sleek new Season 5 costume — and there’s nary a hemline to be seen.

Benoist posted a full-body photo of Kara Danvers’ new threads to her Instagram account, and the new suit continues the move in recent episodes away from the familiar red skirt in favor of what appears to be a deeper-blue, form-fitting lower half that more closely resembles the costumes sported by, well, Superman, as well as a host of conventionally attired superheroes from across the comic book universe.

While the red boots, red cape, and blue jumpsuit look to be richer-hued evolutions on the costumes through the show’s first four seasons at The CW, the overall look seems to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary. The essential “S” logo gets the same prominent-yet-subtle treatment as the color scheme, and the classic golden belt remains more or less the same as before.

So far, Benoist’s Instagram fans appear to be welcoming of the new look, with many in fact commenting on Supergirl’s new hair (now with bangs!) about as frequently as the suit itself.

Overall, it’s a sleeker and perhaps more serious look — one that highlights the super-powered athleticism that Kara will no doubt have to wield in a post-Lex Luthor America that’s changed pretty dramatically since the start of Season 4.

The first look at the new costume comes just hours after Benoist revealed that she helmed the director’s chair for the new season’s 17th episode, taking on a behind-the-scenes role she said she’s been craving ever since becoming fully comfortable with the show’s creative tone all the way back in Season 3.

The CW hasn’t yet revealed the full episode count for Season 5, although each of the past four seasons has reached at least the 20-episode mark. We also can’t say for sure whether Supergirl will be sporting her new look when the Crisis on Infinite Earths series kicks off this December — though if previous installments in the Arrowverse’s annual crossover event are any indication, that definitely seems like a safe bet. 

Hopefully we’ll get plenty more glimpses of Kara’s new threads between this week’s San Diego Comic-Con and the start of the new season this fall. Supergirl will return to The CW with an Oct. 6 Season 5 premiere.