The Messengers stars on The CW series: 'There are no good and evil'

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Apr 6, 2015, 1:52 PM EDT (Updated)

The CW is already home to a fair share of supernatural dramas (i.e. Supernatural), but the network is hoping to carve a new niche in the angel and demons genre with The Messengers.

The team behind the series was on hand at WonderCon this week to discuss the project ahead of its April 17 premiere, and it sounds like they have a few ideas that could bring a unique spin to what is quickly becoming a well-beaten horse. Though the initial footage seemed to be setting this one up as just another group of pretty people in a post-apocalypse, they’re trying to find a balance between the supernatural aspects and a character-focused angle.

In a roundtable interview with Collider, Trey Callaway said the series will be framed around angels, though that doesn’t mean the characters will actually be representing God or heaven. Instead, they’ll basically be humans (good and evil) gifted with these supernatural abilities — which will hopefully help set this concept apart from other projects delving into the spiritual:

“This show reflects that [religion], in that it’s a search for meaning. It’s an opportunity for five strangers to work together and find the greater meaning and greater purpose in life. They are regular people. That’s something that’s really important to us. And you’ll find that some of the villains are regular people who have their own destinies that might be darker in origin than our messengers.”

Actor Diogo Morgado, who plays Lucifer in the series, said they’re also aiming to develop some nuance around the traditionally one-note baddie. Considering the character of Lucifer has been well-exploited these days (even on The CW), it’s nice to hear they’re at least taking a shot at something a bit different:

“He’s going to be playing different roles in the same role and being around the corner waiting for them to fail. In terms of my character, there are no good and evil, there are only circumstances. That’s what the show is about all the time.”

Check out a trailer for the series below and let us know what you think. Will this be The CW’s next hit?

(Via Collider)

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