Metahuman jailbreaks and massive twists in the latest Flash 

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Feb 7, 2018, 4:46 PM EST (Updated)

This show might be about the Flash, but Ralph Dibny stole the spotlight once again—and used his unique set of slightly-shady skills to save the day when the rest of Team Flash had come up short.

Spoilers ahead for “True Colors,” the latest episode of The CW’s Flash, which aired Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018.

The Elongated Man is quickly finding his feet. Dibny’s journey this season has found him struggling to find his place among the team and fully turn away from his shadier ways. This week, he finally reconciled those two lives and used his particular set of skills to save the day. Dibny crosses paths with an old friend (played by Stargate Atlantis alum Paul McGillion) who reminds him of his old habits and old life, and causes him to flash back to the man he used to be—and that self-doubt derails the first mission to save Barry.

After accidentally unlocking a new skill set in his metahuman abilities, Dibny pulls a fast one in the closing minutes of the episode to help finally bust Barry out of prison—the legal way. Instead of using his shapeshifting skills to try and manage Barry’s time in prison, and keep him safe behind bars, DIbny goes straight at the problem in a new way. He puts on DeVoe’s old face, rolls into the middle of Barry’s appeal hearing, and leaves the judge with no other option than to release him. Since it’s hard to be jailed for murder when your alleged victim is seemingly alive and well.

It’s an old trope to have a hero process and overcome their self-doubt, but Team Flash managed to put a fresh spin on the old story here. They’ve been chipping away at Dibny’s evolution for most of the season, and it’ll be interesting to see where the character goes next. The Arrowverse is positively loaded with interesting characters at this point, but this is one who has quickly proven to be a great addition to the universe. 

As for Barry, his story teamed him up with a smattering of recent rogues—most notably the metahumans affected by the bus accident caused when Barry returned from the Speed Force. It made for a fun dynamic putting Barry on his own makeshift Suicide Squad, so to speak, as he had a chance to interact with a few of the folks he’d put behind bars. It also serves as a stark reminder of how quickly allegiances can change based on the situation. These metahumans might’ve been breaking the law on the outside, but when faced off against a rogue warden trying to sell them to the highest bidder? Yeah, at that point every meta in the foxhole can come together, regardless of previous faults.

Assorted musings



*It makes sense Iron Heights would have its own metahuman wing at this point, though the evil warden and secret lair was a bit of a surprise. Also, how exactly does that metahuman blocking technology work again? That’s one heck of a MacGuffin.

*You knew there had to be a reason Cecille developed those random mind-reading skills, and they certainly came in handy this week to help Team Flash figure out Barry was about to be sold on the black market. Curious to see if that’s the end of this subplot, or if Tesm Flash takes advantage of those skills again.

*DeVoe’s evolution was one of the most interesting things this week, and even his wife is deeply concerned with how his mega-intellect is changing him. He’s jumped bodies once again, and seemingly killed the warden just for the heck of it. DeVoe’s intelligence always seemed to disconnect him from humanity at large, but his wife was his tether. Now that tether is starting to fray, to the point DeVoe drugged her to stop her from asking questions. Whatever his plan might’ve been when this started, he seems to quickly be becoming his own worst enemy.

*That Killer Frost pep talk was a whole lot of fun, and it’s been great to see how the character has evolved and found a balance with Caitlin. 

*It was great to have Hazard back this week, and if nothing else, she really had changed after her interaction with Barry. Plus, her power set is crazy fun to see on the small screen. From taking out the bus metas to shutting down Amunet, her powers definitely come in handy. Which likely explains why DeVoe took her over.

*The team is slowly starting to unravel more of DeVoe’s plan, and it seems he manipulated the creation of the bus metas for a very specific reason, so he could later absorb their abilities for … almost certainly some nefarious purposes. That’s obviously bad news for Dibny, and if the peek at next week is any indication, the remaining bus metas are about to be in the crosshairs.

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