Metal Gear Solid adaptation finally escapes development hell

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Jun 4, 2014, 1:13 PM EDT

It’s been rumored for more than a decade, and bouncing around development hell for what feels like even longer — but Metal Gear Solid might’ve finally found the escape hatch.

Deadline is reporting Sony is in talks with buzzy newcomer Jordan Vogt-Roberts (The Kings of Summer) to direct the videogame adaptation, based on the acclaimed Metal Gear franchise that has been kicking around since the late 1980s.

Though the franchise actually debuted back in the NES era, it didn’t gain notoriety until the acclaimed sequel Metal Gear Solid was released for the original PlayStation in 1998, with series creator Hideo Kojima taking major nods from the action-movie genre to craft the sci-fi videogame classic. The pitch is ripe for a big-budget action movie, but it’s just taken this long to get it off the ground.

The series has admittedly gotten a lot more convoluted with recent sequels, the heart of the original Metal Gear Solid (and presumably the loose basis for the script) follows grizzled soldier Solid Snake as he infiltrates a nuclear weapons facility taken over by the rogue special forces unit Foxhound to prevent a potential nuclear attack. Plus, there’s also the matter of the awesome Metal Gear mech-weapon that gives the series its name.

This one has been left floating out there for a long, long, long time — here’s hoping Vogt-Roberts is the right man to finally bring Solid Snake and his insane rogues gallery to the big screen.

Now, the other big question — who should play Snake?

(Via Deadline)