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Snake stresses out over social distancing as Metal Gear voice cast reunites for one ‘Solid’ codec

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May 13, 2020, 10:25 PM EDT

La-li-lu-le-lo! Solid Snake is having a hard time with social distancing in a hilarious new Metal Gear codec delivered by none other than Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the Kong: Skull Island director (and total Metal Gear nerd) who’s working on the planned movie adaptation of Hideo Kojima’s classic gaming franchise.

Apologizing for not having any big movie updates at the ready, Vogt-Roberts still is managing to give fans something nearly as good via Twitter: a shelter-in-place message, done in a dead-on imitation of the in-game codecs, that reunites Snake voice actor David Hayter with franchise vets Paul Eiding (Colonel Roy Campbell) and Christopher Randolph (Otacon).

Snake’s going stir-crazy trying to self-quarantine, calling Otacon and the Colonel in the middle of the night to vent in Hayter’s signature gravelly growl. Naturally, Otacon tells him to go to bed, helpfully suggesting Snake distract himself on YouTube — where he can sit around watching people devise new uses for his go-to cardboard box:

Evidently ready to stretch his legs just like Snake, Vogt-Roberts also shared some amazing concept art and an ILM-produced video that teases some visual ideas he and his former Kong: Skull Island collaborators had for the upcoming Metal Gear movie. Check out what happens when ILM and Metal Gear collide — a match, Vogt-Roberts wrote, made in “true nerd heaven”:

As for the hugely anticipated movie itself, details are still light — though it’s definitely not because Vogt-Roberts is keeping things low-profile. The biggest recent update came in December, when the director shared via Twitter that he has a lead actor in mind to play Snake, as well as news that he’d just completed a new script draft filled with “Kojima-quirk and full Military surrealism.”

With Oscar Isaac already confessing his enthusiasm to suit up with an eye patch and take on Psycho Mantis, will the movie version of Solid Snake end up reminding us of a certain trigger-happy Star Wars flyboy? We’re keeping an eye on Vogt-Roberts’ social feeds for updates. Even if we have to wait a while, though, it’s still a blast to check out all the cool concept art and new lore tidbits from a guy who — other than Kojima himself — seems born to direct the big-screen version of Metal Gear.