Meteorite nails car in Las Vegas? Nope.

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Oct 15, 2008

Update: I contacted a TV station in Las Vegas -- NBC affiliate KVBC -- and they already have the story. It's not a meteorite, it was a dummy test weapon that landed on a truck at Nellis Air Force base near LV. So, false alarm, as I suspected. So ignore what I wrote below.

I just heard via Twitter that there is a report that an object, possibly a meteorite, has hit a car in north Las Vegas. All it said was:

An unknown airborne object, rumored to be a small meteorite, has struck a car in North Las Vegas; no injuries reported.

That's all I know. They don't give any sources, any quotes, nothing.

I'll see what I can find here, and update this when I get something.

What would the casinos pay out for this? And why couldn't it wait until TAM 7?

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