Metroid Prime 4 and Pokemon RPG announced for Nintendo Switch

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Jun 13, 2017, 2:03 PM EDT

During the Nintendo Direct E3 presentation, the house that Mario built showed off several games coming later this year, but also made some major announcements for the future. Two franchises that haven't had a home console update in some time are both coming to the Switch, as a new Pokémon RPG and Metroid Prime 4 were officially announced.

Pokémon RPG will be a full-fledged game in the series, not a puzzle game, fighter or port of an existing title. This is a game being developed for the Nintendo Switch from the ground up ... and that's about it. The announcement was made by an executive literally sitting at a desk with no release window or so much as a tease of art or logo, but it's still a big deal for fans of the franchise. In the meantime, Pokken Tournament DX will come to the Switch on September 22, 2017.

As for Metroid Prime 4, the game similarly had nothing but an announcement that it's currently in development. Here they gave us a little announcement video, letting us know that the sequel, the first in ten years, is actually coming. Yes, Metroid Prime 3 was released summer 2007 for the original Wii, and the Wii U never got a Metroid installment. Again, no release window or other information was given yet, but fans don't have to worry about going another console generation without stepping back into the armor of Samus.