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One fan loved Michael B. Jordan's Killmonger so much she broke her retainer, and he wants to fix it

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Mar 7, 2018, 1:01 PM EST

Everyone reacts to Marvel's Black Panther in a different way. You could be moved by its message and cultural vibrance. You could be dazzled by its design or thrilled by its action sequences. You could think the rest of the movie's just OK, but fall in love with a character like Shuri. Or you could get so... um... excited while watching Michael B. Jordan's Killmonger onscreen that you break an expensive piece of corrective dental equipment.

That particular reaction went viral earlier this week thanks to a Tumblr post that later blew up on Twitter because the fan in question discovered her orthodontist had actually shared the story. According to the orthodontist, an 18-year-old patient named Sophia Robb (he did not name her in the initial post) snapped a wire on her retainer because she was "thirsting so goddamn hard she busted steel," meaning that she clenched her jaw muscles so tight when Michael B. Jordan appeared shirtless for the first time in Black Panther that she broke her retainer. 

"I pressed my tongue against it and clenched my jaw so hard that it disconnected from my teeth," she told SYFY WIRE over Twitter, describing her retainer as a permanent one glued to the back of her teeth. 

Robb found the Tumblr post by her her orthodontist and shared screenshots of it on Twitter with both faux embarrassment and amusement, and it quickly started gaining traction. The anecdote is now her Twitter bio.

As the tweets went viral over Monday and Tuesday, they caught plenty of eyes, including those of Jordan himself, who followed Robb on Twitter and offered to pay for the damage he caused to her retainer with his hotness. Call it the Killmonger Dental Insurance Plan, if you like.

When we asked if she'd take him up on the offer, Robb said, "Sadly no! My insurance already covered it, he was sweet for offering, though."

Killmonger wasn't her only favorite character in the movie as she went on to tell us that T'Challa's sister (played by Letitia Wright) was a highlight of the film. "Every scene with Shuri in it is lovely, though my favorite scene is when Killmonger finally gets to see the sunset over Wakanda," said Robb. 

While the story has now gained quite a bit of unplanned attention, Robb told BuzzFeed that she's not embarrassed by it or upset that her dentist relayed the story (he gave no identifying information in his initial post). 

"I think people who are like 'You exposed yourself' are hilarious because of course I did! It’s a funny story and I’m not embarrassed about it. If anything it speaks to how great of a movie Black Panther is," she said.

The moral of the story: Do not underestimate the hotness of Killmonger, because if you do, you could wind up in a dentist's office. 

Additional reporting by Josh Weiss