Michael Bay finally apologizes for Armageddon: 'It was terrible'

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Apr 23, 2013, 2:14 PM EDT (Updated)

Well, it’s about time.

Most fans know that Michael Bay has made his fair share of bad movies, but now the blockbuster director is issuing a mea culpa in regard to one of his biggest stumbles: the 1998 asteroid-on-the-way flick Armageddon.

The movie, which starred Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck as members of a drill team sent into space to stop an asteroid from hitting Earth, was a major hit, earning more than $200 million at the box office (not bad numbers for the late 1990s).

But that doesn’t change the fact that the film was actually pretty terrible. Now Bay has explained why it was so bad — and he even says he’s sorry:

“I will apologize for Armageddon, because we had to do the whole movie in 16 weeks. It was a massive undertaking. That was not fair to the movie. I would redo the entire third act if I could. But the studio literally took the movie away from us. It was terrible. My visual effects supervisor had a nervous breakdown, so I had to be in charge of that. I called James Cameron and asked ‘What do you do when you’re doing all the effects yourself?’ But the movie did fine.”

With such a condensed shooting schedule, especially for a film so heavily dependent on FX work, that does sound like a problem that not even one of the best directors could solve. So, in Bay’s hands, it makes sense that it was hopeless.

But you have to respect the guy’s honesty. Now where’s that apology from the Transformers series?

(Via The Miami Herald)