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Michael Bay not producing (or adding transforming robots to) Dora the Explorer movie

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Aug 14, 2018, 2:40 PM EDT

As much as we want a Michael Bay-produced Dora the Explorer movie, Bay’s just not a part of the adaptation. This tragic news comes after a long string of speculation for just how the prolific filmmaker of explosion-filled blockbusters would add to the children’s language-learning program’s first live-action foray on the big screen. Alas, Dora will not be able to capitalize on a well-placed Optimus Prime gag.

Bay’s people took to his official Twitter account to make things perfectly clear: Michael Bay is not going to be a part of Dora the Explorer, no matter how awesome the team-up would be, following reports of the director's alleged involvement in the project.

“One more time: Bay or Platinum Dunes has nothing to do with the Dora movie. It is being falsely reported in the press. Bay is set to start directing #6underground this week and Platinum Dunes has started developing #AQuietPlace 2,” the tweet reads, signed by an enigmatic webmaster.

Respected industry sources have been reporting that Bay was involved with the project through his production company Platinum Dunes since 2017, which Bay's camp has now shot down. Instead, Bay and his company are working on a follow-up to this year’s smash horror hit A Quiet Place.

Dora the Explorer is opening in theaters on Aug. 2, 2019.