Michael Biehn on Aliens, Terminator, and his favorite hero role

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Aug 4, 2016

Michael Biehn has had the fortune to be a part of some of the biggest movies in the sci-fi canon -- seriously, when your resume includes AliensTerminator and The Abyss, you've achieved a sort of genre immortality that's going to have fans of these flicks approaching you decades after they hit theaters.

And when you get a chance to sit down with someone like that and talk about what it was like being in the mix on these James Cameron classics, you'd be crazy not to jump at it. That's how we ended up talking to Biehn at San Diego Comic-Con 2016, where he was on hand to talk about his grindhouse production company (look for that interview soon) and be a part of the Aliens 30th-anniversary celebration. 

Check out the interview below for some insight from the man who brought Hicks and Kyle Reese to life.

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