Michael Dorn reveals his Capt. Worf Star Trek TV series is 'not dead yet'

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Aug 20, 2013

Still waiting for that Worf-centric Star Trek TV series? Well, we may be in luck, because Michael Dorn says that it’s “not dead yet.”

Now the last time we heard about this much-talked-about Capt. Worf Star Trek TV series/spinoff was back in March of this year, when Dorn said about the project that:

No, that's not true. There was a blogger last year who asked me that question, and I said that there's a place for "Star Trek" on TV again, and I had started to write a script. It would feature Worf in the Klingon universe. A lot of people read that and it's taken on a life of its own. You never know in this business, though, I gotta say.

Fast-forward to a few months later, and Dorn is still working on that Capt. Worf series. This is what he had to say about it in this new interview with the Huffington Post:

Last year there was interest and I talked to a couple producers and we actually had pitch meeting with Paramount and CBS. Business things got in the way in terms of the JJ Abrams movie coming out and CBS/Paramount and their relationship with JJ Abrams. I don't think they wanted to step on his toes by putting a new series on, but it's not dead yet. I've finished the script and hopefully someone will take a look at this and say 'we can do this.'

With the original captain of the USS Enterprise, William Shatner himself, advocating a return of Star Trek to TV -- which could easily be done without stepping on the toes of J.J. Abram’s blockbuster approach to Trek -- it looks like the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Hopefully Paramount and CBS will finally see the light and give us a new Star Trek series sooner rather than later. 

What do you think? Do you indeed believe there’s life yet in that Capt. Worf Star Trek TV series? Do you think it could be the right project for Star Trek’s long-awaited return to the small screen?

(via The Huffington Post)

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