Michael Dorn reveals the title of his Star Trek: Captain Worf series

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Jun 29, 2015

The man who played Lt. Worf on Star Trek: The Next Generation for seven seasons before crossing over to Deep Space Nine and starring in four Next Gen movies -- Michael Dorn -- was visiting Reddit over the weekend for an Ask Me Anything session in which the Star Trek actor got to talk about the campaign to help bring Star Trek back to TV with his proposed Captain Worf series.

But let's start with the most intriguing piece of news.

In a recent interview with Cinema Source, Dorn revealed the title for the Star Trek series he’s been shopping around since 2012, and it’s not actually Star Trek: Captain Worf, as we all assumed. Interestingly enough, the title would actually be: Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Worf Chronicles. That's a mouthful, right there. Check it out:

Now, back to the Reddit session.

In it, Dorn said: "I'm working on a campaign to bring back Star Trek, and my ulterior reason is to fully flesh out the Worf character (finally)." The actor also offered his, well, support for the "support the campaign" for a new Star Trek (which would see the return of beloved characters), where he provided links to a mini-muffin ordering page

Michael Dorn reiterated that he's had meetings with CBS (which owns the TV rights) and Paramount (which owns the movie rights), and they haven’t said no, which he sees as a mini-victory in and of itself. Are you guys hoping Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Worf Chronicles will get a green light from CBS? Do you think it'd be the perfect 50th-anniversary (in 2016) gift for the fans?

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