Michael Fassbender reveals the name of the new Xenomorph in Alien: Covenant

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Oct 25, 2016

Looks like Alien: Covenant will be introducing a new kind of Xenomorph when director Ridley Scott’s Prometheus sequel/Alien prequel opens the hatch and blasts onto movie theaters next year. 

The news was actually revealed by Michael Fassbender (who played the android David in Prometheus, and is returning for an encore on Alien: Covenant), who apparently let that information slip by accident during an interview on BBC Radio 2 with Mark Goodier. Oops! Apparently, the new iteration of the movie’s alien species willl be called a Neomorph, which is what the production crew called the new aliens during production on the sci-fi/horror movie.

On top of that, the good folks at AvP Galaxy also gave a highly detailed breakdown of said Neomorphs. Be aware that their description is kinda spoiler-heavy, so I’ve included it underneath a spoiler cut below (just click on it). Here’s what the site reveals:

Open eyeClose eye Show Spoiler “These Aliens are the result of the local ecosystem being mutated by the accelerant/black goo. Over time, pods started to grow on the trees and the ground, and release a spore when disturbed. These spores infect several members of the Covenant crew by entering the body through the ear and nostrils. The spores cause the growth of the Neomorphs inside the infected hosts – something that is reminiscent of William Gibson’s first draft of Alien 3. One of the Neomorphs bursts from the back of one of the infected crew, a “backburster”. The other crewmember’s Neomorph erupts through their throat. The births are preceded by the eruption of two small dorsal spikes. These spikes and a pointed skull are also used to break out of an embryonic sack (similar to the Deacon in Prometheus). The Neomorph resembles some of the older concept art of the proto-Aliens from Prometheus (see below), specifically the white colouration, with a pointed head and two dorsal spines. Upon birth, the Neomorphs move on all fours similar to the Bambi-burster from Alien 3. When they mature, they grow significantly larger and walk on their back legs. They were more animal-like in behaviour with fang-like teeth. Unlike the earlier Prometheus concepts, the Neomorphs also have tails. In addition, the adult Neomorphs also developed a slightly translucent appearance (harkening back to unused concepts from Alien and Prometheus) as previously rumored.”

That gruesome description is very much in line with what Fassbender recently said about Alien: Covenant when he said the movie would be super scarier than Prometheus. Will the Neomorphs turn out to be as iconic as the traditionals facehuggers, chestbursters and Xenormophs? I for once can't wait to find out.

Alien: Covenant also stars Katherine Waterston (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them), Danny McBride (Eastbound & Down), Demián Bichir (The Hateful Eight), Jussie Smolett (Empire), Amy Seimetz (Upstream Color), Carmen Ejogo (Selma), Callie Hernandez (Machete Kills) and Billy Crudup (Watchmen), with Noomi Rapace returning as Elizabeth Shaw.

Alien: Covenant opens on Aug. 4, 2017. (Here's the concept art of the proto-Alien envisioned for Prometheus.)

(via AvP Galaxy)

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