Michael Fassbender takes a leap into the past in new Assassin's Creed trailer

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Oct 18, 2016

20th Century Fox has unleashed a second trailer and a brand-new poster for the movie adaptation of Ubisoft’s hit video game series Assassin’s Creed.

The movie stars Michael Fassbender in the dual roles of Death Row inmate Callum Lynch and his 15th-century Spanish ancestor Aguilar. Lynch is saved from execution by Abstergo Industries (a front for the Templars), who want to use him to unlock the genetic memories of his ancestor — an Assassin who lived during the Spanish Inquisition. Rounding out the cast are Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons, Ariane Labed, Michael K. Williams, Callum Turner and Brendan Gleeson.

Assassin’s Creed is helmed by Macbeth director Justin Kurzel, with whom Fassbender and Cotillard have worked before on the movie adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “cursed” play. Although Assassin's Creed introduces new characters not seen in the games, the action-adventure movie will be part of the video games’ official canon. It’s also the first film production for the gaming giant’s new movie division: Ubisoft Motion Pictures. Here’s an official movie synopsis:

Through a revolutionary technology that unlocks his genetic memories, Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender) experiences the adventures of his ancestor, Aguilar, in 15th Century Spain. Callum discovers he is descended from a mysterious secret society, the Assassins, and amasses incredible knowledge and skills to take on the oppressive and powerful Templar organization in the present day.

The trailer below offers a bit more info in terms of the movie’s plot. The action takes place between the present with Callum Lynch and the past, where we meet Aguilar and his fellow Assassins. It's exhilarating to see them fight their way through some big bad Templars with the help of their trusty wrist blades (a staple of the games), and leap from rooftop to rooftop with a graceful ease thanks to those badass parkour skills — also a staple of the games.

Check out the new trailer and poster below, and let us know what you think. Assassin’s Creed takes a leap of faith onto the big screen on Dec. 21.

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