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Michael Jackson’s Thriller werewolf gets a howling tribute from Heidi Klum for Halloween

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Nov 1, 2017, 3:34 PM EDT

We love it when high fashion goes geek, so naturally we’re jacked this year over Heidi Klum’s choice to give Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller” video her famous over-the-top Halloween treatment.

For her 18th Halloween party, Klum and a ton of famous friends went all in on MJ’s 1983 landmark video, a John Landis-directed set piece whose groundbreaking costume effects (you might recall) spawned their own accompanying documentary.

Not known for half measures when it comes to Halloween, Klum and her entourage didn’t stop at playing dress-up; they also recreated the video’s rigorously choreographed dance sequence.

As the werewolf half of Jackson’s Jekyll-and-Hyde persona, she also made sure to lavish plenty of FX attention on her retinue of zombified dancers.

Klum also offered a handful of behind-the-scenes snaps on Instagram showing the painstaking hours of makeup and prosthetic work that went into prepping her for the reveal.

Klum’s no stranger to geek culture when it comes to seeking out inspiration for her Halloween getup. Even when she’s not dressing up as Jessica Rabbit or an eight-foot robot, her costume ideas often are… cerebral. A gold-coated generic space alien? Check. Kali, the Hindu goddess? Also check. A skin-free anatomical dummy?

Yeah, she’s got that one (un)covered, too: