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Michael Myers ‘arrested’ by Pennsylvania-based police department in Halloween prank

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Sep 17, 2019, 3:51 PM EDT (Updated)

It looks as though a police department in Pennsylvania decided to get into the Halloween spirit this year. The day after All Hallows' Eve, the Carlisle Borough Police Department in the Keystone State announced on its Facebook page the apprehension and arrest of famed fictional serial killer Michael Myers from the Halloween films in a delightfully staged holiday prank.

“Last night, the Carlisle Borough Police Department apprehended Michael Myers, a 61-year-old fugitive from Haddonfield, Illinois,” the Facebook post said. “Myers, known to law enforcement as The Boogeyman, was arrested by Ofc. Zach Saum. Myers was found wandering around near Union Fire Company.”

A concerned resident called about a suspicious person hanging around the neighborhood “just staring into space” after kids had stopped trick-or-treating. “At first I didn't think anything of him. I thought he was just a really tall trick-or-treater,” said the resident, who did not want to reveal their name. "But he was still out there long after Trick-or-Treat was over, just staring into space.”

“It was really freaky,” added the anonymous resident.

But not so fast! Just when we all thought we were safe thanks to Carlisle Borough's Finest, police officials discovered upon removing the mask that “it was not Michael Myers, but instead Union Fire Chief Brian Hamilton.” This explains why Myers was found in Pennsylvania and not in his usual stabbing grounds of Haddonfield, Ill.

“This means the real Michael Myers is still out there, hopefully in Illinois,” the post said.