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Michael Myers opens up for the first time in James Corden's hilarious Halloween true crime spoof

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Oct 19, 2018, 12:17 PM EDT

What if Michael Myers, the legendary slasher who murdered babysitters in 1978's Halloween and went on to kill again in nearly a dozen sequels, was innocent? Or, at least, what if he told a documentary crew that he was innocent?

Myers returns this weekend in Halloween, David Gordon Green's follow-up to John Carpenter's original 1978 film, and among his supporting cast this time around are a pair of journalists recording a true crime podcast about the Myers case. It's a nice piece of meta commentary on how pop culture views serial killers now in an era of extremely popular true crime podcasting and documentary filmmaking, and it also opened up a new avenue of parody.

On The Late Late Show Thursday night, host James Corden debuted a new sketch that mashes up Michael's story with the investigative documentary style of Making a Murderer, as an incarcerated Michael decides to open up for the first time to a film crew and proclaim his innocence to the world. 

His excuse? Well, among other things, the person who committed the Babysitter Murders in 1978 was wearing a mask, so it really could have been anyone...even though Michael himself happens to be constantly wearing the very same mask. It's OK, though, because he has character witnesses, including Jason Voorhees, who Michael used to murder a whole lot of...beers with. 

The whole thing actually seems to go quite well for Michael, until new evidence (namely, the Halloween sequels) lands him back behind bars. Perhaps the news that the new film ignores all of those sequels and renders Michael as someone who canonically hasn't killed since 1978 might lead to some degree of salvation?

Halloween is in theaters now.