Michael Shannon is the new frontrunner to play Cable in Deadpool 2

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Apr 26, 2017, 4:41 PM EDT (Updated)

Earlier this month, Deadpool 2 added another big piece to its ensemble with the addition of Atlanta star Zazie Beetz as Domino, which means the biggest question still hanging over the production is who will play Cable, the telekinetic and telepathic mutant warrior from the future who will likely play a major part in Fox's future X-Men films, including the still-developing X-Force. Fans have thrown around plenty of potential stars for the role, but Fox still hasn't settled on a star. There is apparently a new frontrunner, though: Michael Shannon.

According to THR, Shannon has "emerged " as the new top choice for the role, and is on a list of contenders that includes several names we still don't know. Stranger Things star David Harbour, who was reported as a contender three weeks ago, is also still on the list, but it does not include Friday Night Lights star Kyle Chandler, who was reported to be an option last year but was apparently never really up for the role.

Shannon is best known to genre fans for is performance a the unhinged Kryptonian General Zod in Man of Steel, but he's developed a long and very acclaimed resume in indie film, including roles in Take Shelter, Mud, Midnight Special, and Nocturnal Animals, for which he received his second Oscar nomination. He's an actor with powerful range, and while he might not feel like a Cable on the surface, I have no trouble believing he could transform himself into a cyborg mutant warrior from the future.

It's not clear how close Shannon is to actually landing the role, and it's also not even clear yet if he'll have the time, as he just booked the indie flick What They Had to shoot this spring. Fitting Cable into his schedule right now might be the easy part, though, as it's likely a role that will demand future appearances in even more mutant blockbusters if Fox has their way. Cable will be a major player in X-Force, and if Fox's current mutant movie trajectory continues, that very likely won't be his last film. Shannon's embraced superhero blockbusters before, but it's not clear if he would embrace the multi-film franchise contract yet. We'll just have to wait and find out.

What do you think? Would Shannon make a good Cable?

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