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Michael takes another step towards the Apocalypse in this week's American Horror Story

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Nov 7, 2018, 11:00 PM EST

SPOILERS AHEAD for American Horror Story: Apocalypse Episode 9: "Fire and Reign"...

Mutt & Jeff use their Mead robot to control Michael and get it into his head that what his father wants is for him to destroy the world. This suits Michael just fine. He and Mead went to the Robichaux school to kill all the witches. He was disappointed to discover that the witches he was looking for (namely, Cordelia and Myrtle) weren't there. When "Mead" suggests an apocalypse, Michael is all for it - if it means it will kill the witches.

Meanwhile, Cordelia, Myrtle, Mallory, Madison, and Coco have escaped to Misty's shack in the bayou. Cordelia astral projects herself back to the school, and discovers that her entire coven is dead. She can't even feel their souls. Madison admits that Michael can make souls disappear, which means that there is only one thing left to try: Infinitum. There are no factual accounts that would suggest this is anything but a fable, but they are out of options. It basically allows a witch to travel back in time, and Myrtle thinks that Mallory can do it. She sends herself back to 1918, to the execution of Tsar Nicholas and the Romanov family. Anastasia, the youngest daughter, was a witch, and Mallory goes back to help her protect her family. The protection spell works, but only for a short time. Mallory loses the connection, is thrust back into the now (or whatever time frame this episode takes place in) and the Romanov family is slaughtered.

Cordelia feels helpless, knowing that Mallory will not be in full command of her power until Cordelia is dead - but she isn't ready to go. Instead, she and Myrtle go back to the warlock school to seek their help. But when they arrive, they find every single warlock has been brutally murdered. In case there was any doubt who was responsible, the corpses have been dismembered and arranged in a pentagram.


The Illuminati has been "rebranded" as the Cooperative. It sounds way less awesome, but I suppose it is less obvious than Illuminati. In any case, the Illuminati/Cooperative is a real thing and all the members (Vladimir Putin, Bill Clinton, Warren Buffett, to name a few) sold their souls to the devil for the wealth and power they received. Therefore, they are Michael's "army." So Michael and Mead bring them a business model, and tell them about his plans to destroy the world. But they will all help build - and fund - the Outposts for them and their family to survive in.

Mead's killer arm

She just pulls off her arm and reveals a machine gun underneath! She is like a bionic version of Ash Williams.

Dinah makes a deal with the devil to help out Michael... exchange for a pickup on her talk show. To be fair, this is how about 80% of all television deals come about.

Plot from The Omen III

I have never seen The Omen III: The Final Conflict, but I hear terrible things about it. I love that Michael came up with his idea to destroy the world (become ambassador, maybe become a key aide to the president until he is ready to run for president himself) by watching a sub-standard horror film from the 1980s.