Michael Bay's Transformers is so much better in 1-D. (Yes. 1-D.)

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Dec 15, 2012

Transformers—beloved animated series, sweet die-cast toy of the '80s, and one of the most incomprehensible movie franchises in the history of cinema. Thanks, Michael Bay! But worry not, dear readers, because, now, for the first time ever, the Transformers are available in GLORIOUS 1-D! Wait, what?

Yes, College Humor strikes again, this time combining giant, metal transforming robots with everyone's least favorite freshman-year reading assignment—Flatland.

Don't believe it can be done? See for yourself!

Our favorite part is when the giant Decepticon shows up and all the army dudes run away. It's just so ... lifelike, ya know?

What was your favorite part in this new classic?

(College Humor via Topless Robot)

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