Michael Dorn pitching Worf-centric Trek pic: Here's what we know

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Dec 17, 2012

Though J.J. Abrams' rebooted Star Trek franchise may be getting all the attention these days, there are still a few other, beloved crews drifting around the galaxy—and Star Trek: The Next Generation star Michael Dorn (Worf) thinks we're long past due to check back in with everyone's favorite Klingon.

Dorn is pitching a Worf-centric, low-budget Trek film that will pick up with Worf captaining a Federation ship. He's writing the script himself and says he's shooting for a darker, edgier take on the traditional Next Generation style.

"He is out there in the front lines basically chasing terrorists," Dorn told Trek Movie. "I think we will have some of our Star Trek people in it, but mostly new characters. It will be interwoven into the fabric of Star Trek. And also what are we going through right now?"

When asked if he thought his direct-to-DVD idea would be confusing, considering Abrams' new take on the franchise, Dorn said he believes his film could only help build the overall Trek buzz.

"Who wouldn't want to have this kind of thing going on? It is going to help their movie. The fans aren't going 'We are going to see this movie, but we aren't going to go see the big movie in the theater,'" he said. "I have [a] couple meetings I want to do before [meeting with CBS]. First with Rick Berman, who produced all of our shows, just to see what he thinks. Then my manager. And I know people at Syfy. And I'll just start gathering information. If anything happens it is going to be next year, because I have a bunch of stuff to do this year. I have already started writing the script, and excuse my language, but it's @#$!-ing great."

Admittedly, Dorn's idea is still in the early stages, and there's no telling if it can even get a green light. But it does sound fairly cool. What do you think?

(Trek Web via Trek Movie)

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