Michael Jackson + House of Wax = Tim Burton's aborted WTF musical

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Dec 17, 2012

Tim Burton is certainly no stranger to remakes, musicals and remake musicals. But did you know that he nearly turned the classic horror film House of Wax into a musical that would have starred the late, great King of Pop?

When we say "King of Pop," we don't mean "Johnny Depp acting like a weirdo." We mean the actual factual Michael Jackson. Sound insane? Well, you're not alone. As Tim Burton explained to Yahoo Movie UK:

"... I tried to convince the studio to make my idea of a musical version of 'House Of Wax' with Michael Jackson ...They did not go for that one at all."

But how crazy an idea would it have been, really? Certainly Burton saw success with Sweeney Todd, and Michael Jackson became the legend he was in no small part to a certain epic music video called Thriller.

If anything, it might have been Jackson himself who would have balked at the project, since it likely would have involved a fair amount of gruesome and grisly deaths.

If he'd said yes, though, and this film had happened, would you have seen it?

(via The Playlist)

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