Michael Shannon teases his 'cool speeches' as Man of Steel's Zod

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Dec 16, 2012

Apart from a photo or two, the official information coming out of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel has been painfully sparse. Thankfully, co-star Michael Shannon seems happy to chat a bit about what it's like to play General Zod, and though he won't give much away, he is willing to tell you that he "got to say some cool stuff."

In a brief interview with MTV at the Independent Spirit Awards Saturday, Shannon was first asked if he'd seen any footage from the Superman reboot yet, and if a trailer would be on the way soon.

"I saw the dance sequence, but that's it, just because I have to match the moves," Shannon said. "We're actually taking a lot of stuff from The Artist and incorporating it into The Man of Steel."

Then, joking aside, Shannon did manage to talk a bit more about his role as Zod after he was asked if the character has an intellectual side to match his brute strength.

"Zod has some speeches; he has some cool speeches," he said. "I got to say some cool stuff, but I can't say any of it right now."

Despite his refusal to share any of those cool Zod lines, Shannon might actually have let one slip. Asked directly if he could share a speech, Shannon paused and replied with a simple "No," but then he actually said something:

"Do you realize the universe is constantly shrinking, Superman?"

Was that an actual line from Zod's arsenal of cool stuff? Shannon never fully dropped his jokey posture there, but he did seem to straighten up and alter his voice at least a little just then, right? Did the Man of Tomorrow's nemesis give us a real teaser or just a tease?

(MTV via Comic Book Movie)

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