Michel Gondry attacks complaining Green Hornet fans as 'fascistic'

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

The buzz for The Green Hornet is building. What was once seen as something of a joke due to its unorthodox casting (Seth Rogen? a superhero?) is suddenly being taken more seriously, thanks in part to the latest killer trailer. So what does the director do now? Open mouth, insert foot.

We're not sure why Michel Gondry felt the need to go on an all-out assault against the fans who make up a large part of the audience for The Green Hornet, but for some reason he decided to tell The Guardian:

"I usually identify with the nerds, but these ones just reinforce the social rules. Their values are fascistic. All those people marching around in capes and masks and boots. The superhero imagery is totally fascist! When you step into this genre, they feel it belongs to them. They want you to conform, or they won't like you. They want the conventional. But it's fine. The movie's been doing very well, I think, whenever we've screened it to normal people."

So in other words ... we sci-fi fans are NOT "normal people."

Thanks a lot, Gondry. We're betting you wish you could give yourself one of those Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind treatments and forget all about that interview. We sure wish we could.

So what do YOU think?

(via indieWIRE)

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